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About Us

Our background is in photography and design. We have been wedding photographers for over 30 years. Seven years ago, when we made the decision to retire and move to Florida, we began the online search for our new home. Still residing in Illinois, we had to depend on the internet to aid in making our future home choice. Seeing the quality of the existing photography in the Citrus County area, we realized that there was a huge need for professional house and drone photography. Within 2 weeks of moving to Citrus County, Studio 3 was born. We have now grown to service over 150 realtors in the area, fulfilling all their photo, aerial drone and 3D Tour needs.
Having shot over 3000 houses to date, we are confident that
Studio 3 Photography will be a perfect match for
 your real estate business.

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Phone:  352-513-3165

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