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Our Success is Your Success

We use only the highest quality DSLR cameras, the best lighting available, and the most current Photoshop editing software to provide you with the most professional, appealing, and visually stimulating photos possible so you can get the results you need. Our photos will capture and keep your viewers’ attention.


~Keep up with your competition ~

~ Invest in your business ~

~ Make your properties stand out from the rest ~

~ Get your listings noticed ~

~ Increase your sales ~


Our digital images are delivered to you electronically, usually within 24 to 48 hours of the shoot. When you receive the photos they will already be sized down for the MLS. Our professional photographers have decades of experience and know how to get that perfect image.


What do you want your photos to say about the property you are selling? Are they warm and inviting? Do they entice your clients to imagine themselves living inside the home? We specialize in emotion. With Studio 3 you can help your clients experience the house without ever setting foot inside. Once they fall in love with the photos, they will take things to the next level, thus increasing your sales potential.


Selling high value homes requires high quality photography equipment. So, why are our prices so reasonable compared to other real estate photographers? Because we believe that every home deserves the same respect. Even the sale of a lesser expensive homes means money in your pocket.


At Studio 3, we have 4 main goals.

1. To provide personalized service ... we treat every client as if they were our only client

2. To add value to your properties by showing the property in the best light possible

3. To provide the highest quality service possible by using the most up-to-date equipment and software available on the market today

4. To provide a top notch product at an affordable price for all realtors and for every home, no matter how large or small

Call Studio 3 NOW. You won’t be disappointed.

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